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The advanced wood manufacturing sector in southwestern Ontario alone accounts for approximately 1,400 SME companies representing 22,500 employees with $5.2 billion in revenues out of the total $6.6 billion for all of Ontario. As a consumer and further processor of Canadian wood bio-mass products, this sector is extremely important to the economy of Canada for job and wealth creation in our communities. Exports from this sector in this region also touch $3.5 billion (Conference Board of Canada, 2016).

The advanced wood products manufacturing industry includes: home, office and institutional furniture; solid wood flooring; veneer production; kitchen and bath cabinets; millwork. The BWA cluster aims to bring as many of these companies into the cluster as would like to join, as well as interested companies from the surrounding regions. The idea is to bring like-minded companies together for the purpose of joint projects in skills development, technology transfer, export development and experience exchanges in a bottom-up driven association.

Funding for operations is partly provided by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The Bluewater Wood Alliance will continue to work with the federal and provincial funding agencies to develop infrastructure and project funding, including working with educational institutions on the secondary and post-secondary levels to provide training and skills development for the industry.

Watch a recent wood industry video featuring BWA Executive Director Mike Baker to learn more about the BWA and the industry:

BWA Executive Director: Mike Baker


Bluewater Wood Alliance board members:

  Dennis McGlynn, President, Creative Woods Unlimited 
Vice Chair:  Mike Vokes, President, Vokes Furniture Incorporated

Secretary/Treasurer:  Paul West, President, West Bros. Furniture

Bob Nadon, Upper Canada Stretchers

Simon Lloyd, Springwater Woodcraft

Michael Landman, Southgate Cabinets

Chris Martin, Horizon Coatings
Amanda McQueen, Durham Furniture


Associate Member Directors:

Kyle Roseneck, Taurus Craco

Scott Burton, Royce/Ayer

Past Chair:
Andrew Schuster, President, Crate Designs



Head office: 582 14th St, Hanover, ON, N4N 2A1 Tel. 1-226-668-5455
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