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BWA Members Get a Shot of Lean from Vokes Furniture!

BWA Plant Tour Focus Groups engage members in each others plants to address Continuous Improvement. Read on to learn about Vokes’ success with Lean! Oct 30, 2013 marked the date of BWA’s regular Plant Tour Focus Group events. These events are based on Continuous Improvement and the adoption of Lean Principles to drive waste out […]

BWA Export Development Project Getting Press Recognition!

The BWA Dubai Export Development Project has been embraced by the regional press with a great article. Read on! The Owen Sound Sun Times Article June 24, 2013. http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/2013/06/22/bluewater-wood-alliance-impresses-at-dubai-show Bluewater Wood Alliance impresses at Dubai show By Denis Langlois, Sun Times, Owen Sound Saturday, June 22, 2013 2:38:44 EDT PM The Bluewater Wood Alliance booth at […]

BWA Returns from Dubai UAE with Leads for New Business!

As many members and followers of the Bluewater Wood Alliance may be aware, the BWA recently returned from an export development exercise representing seven Southwestern Ontario wood manufacturers at Index 2013, a major trade show in Dubai (UAE). Read on for details and pictures! As many members and followers of the Bluewater Wood Alliance may […]

BWA Export Development Project Going Global.

After many months of planning and preparation, 7 BWA companies will be represented at the Index 2013 trade show in Dubai UAE. Read on for details of the latest press release! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ONTARIO WOOD CLUSTER DEVELOPING NEW EXPORT MARKETS   May 8, 2013 Walkerton, Ont. – Bluewater Wood Alliance Inc. (BWA) is representing […]

BWA’s Plant Tour Focus Groups Create Value for Members and Hosts!

Bogdon & Gross hosted BWA’s April Plant Tour Focus Group with an exercise for Continuous Improvement! Read on to learn more! The Bluewater Wood Alliance conducts regular facilitated plant tour focus groups where members get to see and experience another wood manufacturing operations while also focusing on a challenge that the host is experiencing to […]