Bluewater Wood Alliance is searching for a talented outgoing BWA Program Manager.

Bluewater Wood Alliance is growing and now needs a talented outgoing BWA Program Manager. Reports to: BWA Executive Director

Working in collaboration with the BWA Executive Director (ED) and the BWA Program Administrator (PA)

Required Skills: Exceptional communication skills (oral, written, presentation, and social), ability to develop relationships with key stakeholders and industry members, proficient using Microsoft office (word, excel, power point, and other platforms), Ability to work independently and self-managed. Knowledge and education in the wood processing industry an asset. Use of car and ability to travel in southwestern Ontario region. Ability to take initiative and problem solve. Education and experience in the wood industry an asset, but not necessary.

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Member Engagement/Retention: In strategic collaboration with the ED

  •  Regular member visits and contact to maintain member engagement with BWA activities
  • Learn member needs, trends, ideas, and opportunities to drive BWA events and activities
  • Communicate above needs and trends to ED and PA to create and drive BWA programming and projects
  • Track the above data on companies and BWA activities above using shared tools and processes
  • Utilize website and social media to engage BWA members in collaboration with ED and PA
  • Participate in member events as deemed necessary in collaboration with the ED

2. BWA Membership Development

  • Marketing and sales of new BWA memberships, with emphasis on Manufacturing members
  • Tracking of new member lead development and follow-up
  • Relationship development with potential members
  • Follow-up to attend BWA quarterly events

3. BWA Event Facilitation

  • Organize, Host and Facilitate BWA events as required in collaboration with ED and PA
  • Tracking of member attendance and activity using established processes

4. Communication

  • Posting of news articles on events and activities and updates to website and social media
  • Development of reports and tracking of member activities and data as required
  • Regular communication with BWA members, ED, PA
  • Bi-weekly reports on PM activity
  • Relationship building with key partners

5. BWA Project Management- in collaboration with ED

  •  Management of BWA projects as required
  •  Tracking of milestones and activities and requirements
  •  Facilitation of BWA member participation
  •  Work with ED in proposal application data as required

Since this is a new position with the BWA, other duties will evolve as the position expands with the demands of the cluster

If you are interested in applying for this position, send resumes with cover letter to:

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