BWA Finishing Training is Back by Popular Demand!

It is what the customer sees first. The look, the feel, the durability. Those that have finishing in their process know how important it is. Yet, it is also one of the jobs that can be hardest to fill. Its not a comfortable job most days with respirators and the repetitive motion, in addition to the cost of labour, equipment, and material.

This is why workforce development for the wood industry is very important. We need skilled finishers that understand how to be efficient and also do a quality job that is pleasing to the end user.

The BWA ran two one day sessions, May 18 and June 8, 2016, for front line finishers in partnership with Conestoga College. The course involved an overview of finishing theory and HVLP Spray Equipment: Airless, Air Assist, equipment maintenance, Stains: spray, wipe, water-based, solvent based, Sealers, Topcoats, Pigmented lacquer, Trouble Shooting, Process Control, and Simulator Practice.

Companies have the choice of a Phase 2 in-house as a follow up to the training working with the company’s equipment and transferring the knowledge further into the plant. This phase has been found to be most successful, and funding has been accessed through the Canada Ontario Jobs Grant for many of the companies.

If you are a wood manufacturing company and you would like to learn more about the BWA Finishing Training, please contact us at


Darren Ivany of Norcab Kitchens uses Conestoga’s spray simulator


The finish of wood products is the most critical step in the process!