BWA Plant Tour Focus Group Attracts 34 Companies Across Cluster Region!

Chatham, Thorold, St. Thomas, Barrie, Stratford, GTA, and all stops in between converge for valuable BWA plant tour learning event!


A true working cluster has the ability to attract members to its activities across its entire cluster region. Southwestern Ontario is a big geographic area. 34 BWA member member companies from all cross the cluster region converged on Woodland Horizons in Drayton, ON for a plant tour focus group on April 27.

The BWA plant tours are not just tours. They are problem solving exercises that engage members to be involved in common issues to help create solutions that can be brought back to members facilities.

With the case of Woodland Horizons, a custom kitchen cabinet and millwork shop, tracking labour costs throughout the process, and scheduling most efficiently to match shop capacity are shared challenges all wood product manufacturers face. Some companies have evolved further than others, using tablets and systems where employees sign in and out of given jobs. But they have other challenges they face. It never ends for wood companies. But the more we talk, the more we get to know each others best practices and challenges, innovation and technology transfer can take place! This is the strength of the Bluewater Wood Alliance cluster. Our members continue to be more engaged than ever in these plant tour events, and for good reason.

This event also dealt with how technology (design software and Enterprise Resource Planning and scheduling software) can play a role.

Mark down June 22, 2016 as the next open quarterly event. We will be looking further into how wood companies can use technology to help them become more efficient, and to grow their businesses!

If you want more information on the BWA, contact Executive Director Mike Baker: [email protected]

BWA members meet and debrief in the showroom at Woodland Horizons

BWA members meet and debrief in the showroom at Woodland Horizons

BWA members during tour of Woodland Horizons' shop

BWA members during tour of Woodland Horizons’ shop