BWA Quarterly Networking Event – Ron Joyce Centre, McMaster University – Burlington

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Date(s) - 22/11/2017
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Ron Joyce Centre, McMaster University - Burlington, ON

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Mark the date and confirm for the next BWA Quarterly Event November 22nd.
Hosted by the Ron Joyce Centre, McMaster University.

In addition to the networking and industry connections you make learn how to improve and grow your business. This event will address:

  • Risk Management: Wrongful Dismissal, Management Liability & Cyber Crime
  • Ownership Thinking: Getting Your Employees to Work Like it’s Their Own Business
  • SRED: Scientific and Experimental Development Tax Credits: Introduction, Changes and Strategies for Developing Claims.

Plus the best networking opportunity in Canada for the wood manufacturing industry! Did you know that the Bluewater Wood Alliance is the only facilitated cluster in Canada for the wood industry? Did you know that the BWA cluster region is the whole of southwestern Ontario?

Bring your staff with you and help them get engaged with your business and with constructive change!

Risk Management

  • Wrongful Dismissal & Management Liability: If an employee sues you for discrimination, will your insurance policy respond?  What if your previous head of finance failed to remit taxes properly? There are a number of issues that can come from your decisions as a business owner that aren’t covered by a standard insurance policy but will still have a significant financial impact on your company.
  • Cyber Crime: Large or small, all companies rely on computers in one form or another. Whether it’s the design work that goes into your ERP system, the programing for your CNC machine or, processing a financial transaction every business has a digital vulnerability that can be exploited.

Understanding where you are at risk and how much money is at stake is the first step in deciding how to manage the risk. Chris Cameron of The Magnes Group Inc. will share his expertise on these topics with members.

Ownership Thinking (OT)

OT is not a program or workshop; it’s a formula to eradicate entitlement in organizations. It is often refer to as an employee engagement system disguised as an incentive plan. OT focuses on the right: people, education, measures, and incentives.

  • People: OT starts with an organization wide assessment measuring key areas in the organization affecting employee engagement.
  • Education: Teach employees important elements of financial statements.
  • Measures: Employees are trained on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and how they can impact them.
  • Incentives: Based on increased performance and productivity, a portion of the earned profits are shared with employees.

Marc Lacoursiere, from The Achievement Centre (TAC), is a certified facilitator for OT and will be presenting an overview of this program.

SRED: Scientific & Experimental Development Tax Credits

Introduction, Changes and Strategies for Developing Claims – Many people still do not know what SRED is as an entitled tax credit and how to access it. Ryan Scodeller of Xurbo will introduce it to members, and also address changes and new strategies for developing claims to those who are already familiar with SRED.

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