BWA Finishing Training is Back by Popular Demand!

It is what the customer sees first. The look, the feel, the durability. Those that have finishing in their process know how important it is. Yet, it is also one of the jobs that can be hardest to fill. Its not a comfortable job most days with respirators and the repetitive motion, in addition to […]

BWA 20th Quarterly Networking Event: Digital Transformation, Export, and Ontario Wood, and Welcome New Members!

Industry 4.0 is here to stay! The wood industry is getting on board with events like this! BWA welcomes 5 new members! On June 22, 2016, the Bluewater Wood Alliance held its 20th quarterly networking event at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre with a capacity crowd. Front of the line up of topics was an […]

BWA Export Development Project to Dubai UAE Hits the Mark!

One big advantage of participating in a cluster like the BWA is that companies can collaborate together on mutually benefitting projects they would otherwise not have access. In this example, companies alone could not afford the costs of trade show booths in large and expanding markets, and would not be eligible themselves for funding available […]

BWA Plant Tour Focus Group Attracts 34 Companies Across Cluster Region!

Chatham, Thorold, St. Thomas, Barrie, Stratford, GTA, and all stops in between converge for valuable BWA plant tour learning event!   A true working cluster has the ability to attract members to its activities across its entire cluster region. Southwestern Ontario is a big geographic area. 34 BWA member member companies from all cross the […]

EDC’s Peter Hall Has Good News for the Wood Industry!

On March 30th Peter Hall, Chief Economist from Export Development Canada, presented to the BWA. Read on to see his latest commentary on the prospects of the wood industry!   APRIL 7, 2016   Rising Out of the (Saw)Dust By Peter G Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist Wood products from this neck of the woods are older […]

BWA Quarterly Event: Export and Lean Expertise Up Front For Wood Industry.

Chief Economist for Export Development Canada, Peter Hall, and BWA member Mike Vokes from Vokes Furniture, both lined up to provide BWA members valuable information on the current economy, exporting, and lean manufacturing implementation for the wood industry. The Upside of Rising Risk: Check the news, and you’ll see that the Canadian market is facing challenges. […]

BWA High School Student Tours Continue in Huron/Perth Counties!

Workforce development for the wood industry is critical! 60 more students toured our shops this week! Word gets around fast when you are doing good things for the wood industry! Earlier this month, BWA members hosted shop tours in the Bluewater Board of Education Region. This time it was Huron/Perth’s turn! Workforce development for our […]

BWA Members Host Plant Tours for Regional High School Shop Students!

Wood industry workforce development is an important role for the BWA and its members! Read on to learn more! One important part of the BWA’s cluster mandate is to work with regional schools to help provide information to students and shop teachers about opportunities in the wood industry. On March 3, in cooperation with the […]

BWA Feb 24 Plant Tour Involves Members to Brainstorm New Process Integration!

Critical thinking is a skill that is truly transferable from one manufacturing process to another to enhance continuous improvement. Read on to learn how BWA uses member plant tours to spread the skill! Opportunities present themselves everyday for learning and improvement. The wood industry includes companies manufacturing with different processes for a variety of products […]

BWA Jan 27-2016 Plant Tour Focus Group Draws 25 Companies To Share and Learn Best Practices!

Adoption of new technology to move towards “Mass Customization” draws BWA member from far and wide! Read on! Mass customization sounds like an oxymoron, and to traditional manufacturing thinking, it is! Today, however, the trend to reduce costs and overheads, while giving the customer exactly what they want when they want it, is the way […]