With enough interest from our members WSIB will organize a Small Business Health and Safety Program focused on our challenges. AND! You could qualify to receive a 5% rebate on your WSIB premium (one time only) after participating in the program.

WSIB – Small Business Health and Safety Program

The program will help you develop an effective and successful health and safety program to better manage your business risks and enhance health and safety awareness.

Sign up two people from your company, one must be an owner or senior manager and after participating in the three 4hr in-class training session you will have:

  • Developed a return to work program
  • Developed and implement a health and safety policy and action plan
  • Developed and manage an effective health and safety program
  • Identified and managed hazards in your workplace
Who can join?
You are eligible to join if your business:
  • is registered as a Schedule 1 employer and is in good standing with the WSIB
  • pays $90,000 or less in WSIB premiums per year
  • is not part of the WSIB Safety Groups Program and has not received a SCIP rebate in the past
  • if your business has been registered with the WSIB for 24 months or more.
  • your business is not eligible to receive rebates from both Small Business Health and Safety Programs in the same calendar year.