BWA and COVID-19 Response

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, the BWA has taken several steps to assist members. 

We have posted links to government services and available resources on our website. You can access them here.

We are rapidly scaling up our capacity to engage members remotely. To this end, we will be conducting our first free webinars for members starting in April with dates to be confirmed.

Topics will initially include:

  • COVID-19 resources for companies
  • Health and Safety Updates
  • Legal Updates
  • Lean Manufacturing in Challenging Times
  • Please respond with your additional suggestions!

BWA has also launched a centralized network for our members via a Whatsapp group to share best practices on how we are coping with the pandemic. Contact Ryan Tabone BWA, Program Coordinator/Advisor e: [email protected] to learn more.

Please watch for more BWA announcements in the coming days.

We want you to know BWA is your resource to help you and your company get through this challenging time. Please contact us with all of your questions and concerns, as this will help us provide the most important content for you and the other members.

Stay safe. We are here for you.

Best regards,
Mike Baker, Executive Director

p: 1-226-668-5455
e: [email protected]