BWA Export Round Table Report!

February 14th at EDC Growth Hub in Kitchener, BWA members came
together to discuss and share experiences in a round table discussion about their experience with exporting as well as address questions for those looking to extend their sales into export markets for the first time.

The event tackled a wide variety of topics from logistics to installations,
dealer networks and more with industry professionals of various specialties
able to weigh in on how to address these matters.

(Above) Mike Baker conducts Export discussion.


“I thought I got a lot of usable information and (the event) gave me more confidence to proceed.” – remarked a BWA attendee who continued on to comment about now having more contacts to help move ahead.

In a short period of time, BWA members were able to network and discuss themes that included how to effectively manage and mitigate risk; as well as available customizable financial resources to assist in exporting.

The round table event also helped manufacturers think about strategies to focus on as part of a business plan when entering new markets.

One BWA manufacturer also shared a case study on how he effectively safeguarded his material procurement with protection from available financial instruments to maximize return and minimize risk.

Other manufacturers and industry specialists shared stories and lessons learned from their past and ongoing experience in exporting – including how to effectively focus on A, B, and C prospects at trade shows.

A key take-away many enjoyed was the unmasking of what it takes to get started into exporting and learning from others what works and how they started their journey.

Export markets open the doors to a whole new host of customers and financial opportunities.  It also has the benefit of maturing a company by making it more competitive globally.

Watch for our next event to be posted on the BWA’s website.

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