BWA Launches Production Leadership Training Event

January 15th at EDC Export Growth Hub in Kitchener, Canada’s only business hub, the Bluewater Wood Alliance launched for the first time it’s Production Leadership Training Event!

The landscape of our workforce is changing, and so is the approach to traditional management styles for a new generation of employees. But what does it take to be a leader? What are the attitudes, perspectives, and objectives that define the great managers and leaders that separate them from the rest? 

The BWA brought in Barry Reid of Leadership Management International (LMI) to address the essential components that leaders and managers need in their companies. Barry explored proven practices and habits of where motivation comes from.  The event continued on to look at how we are incentivized as human beings and also explored how we, as managers and leaders can look at the value of time and develop formulas for success. 

(Above) Barry Reid of LMI introducing the day’s event content

Another integral part of the day’s event was delineating the differences between the workforce (age) generations and what drives each successive generation. 

(Above) Emily Collins of Magnet speaking on Magnet Export Portal

BWA members also had the opportunity to learn about an exciting new online Export Portal. Emily Collins of Magnet spoke to the group about the Magnet Export Portal designed to take the time-intensive work needed to navigate export opportunities and get custom-tailored content relevant for manufacturers’ needs and more!  

Barry Reid of LMI has spent over 15 years building and developing teams in various trades, including construction, manufacturing, financial services, retail, and other public and private services. His experience ranges from strategic planning, training, and developing managers, building effective teams, and more. 

The BWA recognizes that the baby boomer’s generation is approaching retirement in the next several years, and we as a wood cluster of manufacturers need to be ready as managers and leaders to educate, communicate and lead the evolving and changing needs of the workforce. 

Watch for our next event to be posted on the BWA’s website.  

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