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BWA Online Roundtable COVID-19 Events Recap!

April 15thwood manufacturing businesses, suppliers, community partners all came together for a large online roundtable discussion to talk about the C.E.R.B, wage subsidy, legislation, essential businessesand what framework companies can operate in. 

As a follow up to the April 15th event that carried with it over 100 participants – the BWA returned the following week on April 22nd to recap C.E.R.B, wage subsidy, and included a discussion on the increased stress in the workplace and tools that can empower great leadership to meet those challenges. 

Throughout these online discussions and talks, the BWA has created the digital space for everyone in our industry to come together to speak, shareand listen in real-time with industry experts. 

(Above) Various attendees on BWA’s online roundtable discussion 

Sundeep Gokhale and Edward Snetsinger of Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers were able to provide a great deal of information and insight to the Ontario legislation, the rules, interpretations of the legislation, and how businesses can unpack all that information to help equip them with important answers. 

Some common questions revolved around the C.E.R.B., wage subsidyand communicating with employees and the various situations employers are experiencing regarding compensation and earnings. 

Guest speakers Sundeep Gokhale and Edward Snetsinger of Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers contacts can be found at the end of the article. 

 (Above) Lucian Mihet – Senior Account Manager, SWO  EDC, discussing the latest news on Financial Relief 

Following the legal and essential business discussion, there was an opportunity to hear from Lucci Mihet of Export Development Canada (EDC) on new developments with financial relief resources available to businesses. EDC, now having been granted domestic powers, can service businesses that are not exporting companies of products/services. 

Carrying forward on April 22nd’s online discussion, Barry Reid of Leadership Management International (LMI) spoke with everyone about how the best leaders around the world and through time, share a certain mix of attributes that have stood the test of time. In light of the health crisis, it is easy to understand that many individuals are under an elevated level of stress and that stress can affect work performance and family life.  Barry brings many years of leadership training, resources, techniques, and forward-thinking perspectives to empower individuals and companies to greater success. 

The BWA also recently rolled out a
new online discussion platform to enable a central location where questions, answers, resources, and more can be found. It is much more functional than software like WhatsApp groups and not at all like Facebook and helps manufacturers and suppliers streamline their communications across Ontario’s wood manufacturing sector. 

(Above) Screen capture of newly launched online discussion platform for the BWA 

The Bluewater will be continuing to gather feedback from the wood manufacturing community and welcomes suggestions on what businesses want to hear about and what they want answers to. 

Contacts for recent guest speakers: 

Sundeep Gokhale 
Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Employment & Labour Lawyers
Direct 416.603.6246 
Cell 416.347.9459

Main 416.603.0700
24 Hour 416.420.0738

[email protected] 

Edward W. Snetsinger 
Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Employment & Labour Lawyers
Direct: 416.603.6245
Cell: 416.452.1864
24 Hour: 416.420.0738

[email protected] 

Barry Reid 
Leadership Management International (LMI)
[email protected] 

 The lines of communication have never been easier to access and tap into. The challenges ahead are uncertain, but it is something that can be addressed together. No longer is it a requirement to do this alone 

Join us for our next event; details can be found at www.bluewaterwoodalliance.com

There is strength in numbers.