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BWA Sales Training – Selling Quality & Selling Smart!

Last week on March 4th, the Bluewater Wood Alliance held our BWA Sandler Training Milton – Sales Workshop: To Export Readiness with President of Sandler Training Milton, Andrew WallThe event was a day full of information on how your business can sell smarter instead of working harder.   

“In sales, if you look, act and sound like your competition there is only one way your prospect will decide… and that’s price – is that really what you want?” – Andrew Wall, President of Sandler Training Milton

There was no shortage of content as Wall went on to educate and train by touching on topics such as proper time management with prospects; selling techniques; software tools to manage sales; sales cycles; qualifying time; managing outside sales; calculating key sales ratios, and re-evaluating where our sales focus should be. 

“I really, really like the style of teaching and the way that he made all the knowledge he was trying to get to us try to relate to our business. Also, I didn’t realize all the things I was going to learn today until I came here today.  (One of the many things) he (Andrew) was teaching us was ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. His style of teaching was very easy to relate to and actually understand.” – BWA Member & Sales Designer, CW Kitchens

Wall addressed the importance of exploring new markets and contacts so local businesses can think about expanding market share in this global economy that is continuing to reach beyond borders. 

Above: Andrew Wall, President of Sandler Training Milton looks on.

Those who attended the event also got to workshop in teams to evaluate sales interaction processes and practiced cultivating language that revealed sales opportunities and exposed the tire-kickers. 

How much time are you developing relationships with architects and builders and new markets outside your country?  Do you have networking time allocated in your calendar at regular intervals? 

Whether your sales are steady, or you wish to raise the bar, this training event helps businesses evaluate their current methods and shows proven methods to help empower their sales forceDon’t let complacency of contentment be your hidden enemy. 

Think about it this way as renowned author Dr. Stephen Covey once said: “To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.” 

Capture the market share you want today with the BWA’s Sales Training program. 

Are you interested in learning more about: Sales, Health and Safety,  Lean Manufacturing,  and Leadership  to boost your company’s competitive edge?

Can’t wait for the next training event?   Would you rather have the BWA’s trainers come to your facility?  We can do it! 

If you would like more information about when the next Health and Safety & the Law event is happening, please contact: 

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