BWA Lean Training Events

BWA Lean Training Events are scheduled throughout the year and open to members and non-members.

Our Lean Team

The Lean Team are experts in their field and have been working in the wood industry for many years.

On-Site Training

If you are interested in on-site training funding is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant.

BWA Lean Road Map – Level 1 – Export Readiness Series

Who doesn’t want to take their businesses to the next level? I think it’s pretty safe to say we all would like to bring more value to our customers, build capacities to support exporting to new markets, have happier employees & watch the bottom line grow. The real question is “how?” One great way is to “GO LEAN”.

This seminar will lay out for you the steps on how to take your business from where you are to a fun Lean culture. Yes, I said FUN. You will be nothing short of amazed at what can happen when you get your people engaged in active problem-solving. There is nothing complicated or hard, Lean is all common-sense stuff that we tend to forget as we grow up.

Wood Manufacturers is southwestern Ontario are recognizing how eliminating waste is key to staying competitive and adaptable to change in our evolving industry! BWA Lean Roadmap focuses on increasing throughput and building capacities to support new markets and customers all while engaging your people!

This training event covers:

  • Single piece flow v.s. big batches

  • What Lean looks like at companies that are doing it already

  • What can you expect from a successful Lean transformation

  • Getting started, where and why

  • Identifying waste

  • The famous 5’s system for organization

  • Empowering the workforce

  • Improvement videos

  • Why everyone says “Lean won’t work for me”…. and what happens when they see it does work!

This event will be energizing and fun and our only mission, to make sure you go back to your factories prepared for success! It’s our job to give you the tools and techniques to make an immediate change and start your company on the Lean adventure of a lifetime.

BWA Lean Leadership – Level 2 – Export Readiness Series

Upcoming Date: January 29th, 2020
: $185.00/ea. (member rate), $505.00/ea. (non-member rate),
Location: Catalyst 137, Kitchener
Time: 9:15 am – 3:00 pm
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BWA Lean Leadership Training Event – Level 2 is for the Lean Leaders in your company.

This is not a business leadership course; it is an exciting next step to raising the competitive edge of your factory. Brad Cairns of Quantum Lean and Sepp Gmeiner of Lignum Consulting will spend the day sharing tools and techniques to sharpen the mindset of Lean Leaders who are ready to take lean transformation to the next level.

This training event is best suited for people who can lead others in lean transformation.

Join us for a full day of Lean Training and find out how you can lead your facility to a successful lean culture. Learn how the role of leadership ties into lean manufacturing. Find out how connecting with your staff and co-workers about lean principles is a key step in a thriving lean culture.

This training event covers:

  • The Lean leader’s mindset

  • Learn what the leadership’s role is in the Lean Transformation

  • Understanding root cause thinking & cause and effect analysis

  • Learn about Standard Work

  • Find out who is accountable

  • How do we train?

  • 3 reasons why Lean doesn’t work

  • What are powerful morning meetings?

  • Who should lead the Lean change?

Are you thinking bigger? Adopting lean to increase throughput and increase volumes prepares you for increased business. Is exporting right for you? A segment of this workshop will address the opportunity of exporting and how it fits with improved processes as a result of adopting Lean Principles in your business.

Kickstart your company in 2020 with the BWA Lean Leadership Training Event– Level 2!

Wood Manufacturers in southwestern Ontario are recognizing how eliminating waste is key to staying competitive and adaptable to change in our evolving industry!

Online Resources – Tools to get you started on your LEAN evolution!

BWA Lean Team members at Quantum Lean have developed free online tools to help you create SOP and Kanban Cards! Use these free online tools in your Lean processes. Watch the tutorials to see for yourself how easy the tools are to use. Click here to get started.

Meet the BWA Lean Team

Bluewater Wood Alliance Lean Training Program offers our members convenient access to professional Lean Experts.

Brad Cairns

Brad Cairns

Lean Trainer

A passion for Lean Manufacturing had led me near and far helping companies break the traditional barriers and create a Lean learning culture.

Sepp Gmeiner

Sepp Gmeiner

Lean Trainer

With a proven approach to objective and neutral business planning, Sepp enjoys working hand in hand with his clients to achieve visible and tangible success.

Lynn Thomson

Lynn Thomson

Lean Trainer

Partner at the Center for Lean Learning, she draws on her many years of automotive manufacturing and leadership experience, steeped in the TPS (Toyota Production System) model.

Bluewater Wood Alliance On-Site Lean Training

Interested in a more intensive sales training course? We offer three options tailored to suit the unique challenges of our members. Each training option begins with an intensive two-day assessment focused on identifying issues and creating a game plan.

You must be a member of Bluewater Wood Alliance to participate in the On-Site Training. Possible government subsidy is available through the Canada Ontario Job Grant (COJG). It could cover up to 83% of the training investment. We can help you through the application process!

  • Kick-start 2 Day Assessment

    Assess leadership and culture and leave you with a list of Lean improvements.
    • Talk to all of your people
    • Video and pictures for personalized and more effective training
    • Determine if we are a good fit for each other and if we feel you are ready
    • Recommend a lean program, if applicable
    • Review strengths and weaknesses
    • List of Lean improvements to focus on, whether or not you engage with us further

    We focus on fixing your challenge. Training starts with a 2-day assessment followed by 1 week-long onsite training.


    We teach your people, and then get out of your way. Training starts with a 2-day assessment followed by 15 days of onsite training.


    We’re moving in, and we will be there every step of the way! Training starts with a 2-day assessment followed by 60 Days of onsite training.

To learn more please log in to the member only area of our website.

Lean Training – Past Events

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Lean Leadership Rises to the Occasion

If you could change one thing in your factory, what would it be? What is a key struggle you deal with in your business? Electricity and expensive machines can only do so much for a company. It takes great ideas, great company culture, and a road map to guide you to your destination. Great ideas […]

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BWA Lean Leadership: To Export Readiness – paves the way for success! 

Thursday, August 29th marked an exciting new phase with the first BWA Lean Leadership: To Export Readiness Training Event at EDC’s Kitchener location: EDC Export Growth Hub. Is leadership a topic that resonates with you and your company? Do you have a struggle with getting new ideas implemented? Are you not sure what methods to […]

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BWA’s Lean Roadmap Training Event brings manufacturers and suppliers to the starting line!

  On May 16th, the BWA hosted its Lean Road Map Training Event for manufacturers and suppliers at EDC’s Kitchener location: EDC Export Growth Hub. Brad Cairns & Sepp Gmeiner brought a wealth of knowledge to train and discuss all aspects of Lean Manufacturing. What bugs you about your current systems? Reflect for a moment […]

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BWA Lean Road Map Features: Highway to Throughput.

Thursday, December 6th Bluewater Wood Alliance manufacturers assembled at the Kitchener Public Library for in-depth training on Lean Manufacturing. What does Toyota, Lean and Woodworking all have in common? For one full day, the BWA brought in Lean Training Specialists Sepp Gmeiner of Lignum Consulting & Brad Cairns of Center for Lean Learning & Best Damn […]

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