Call for Interest: BWA Pilot Digital Adoption Project 2020

Hello Everyone,

Recent transitions in Ottawa under the forestry innovation file have indicated there may be some funding program announcements early in the new year. The BWA wants to be ready to submit a proposal for a pilot project for our members for digital automation adoption (3.0) and Industry 4.0 connectivity projects.

Please respond to this email if you may be planning capital investments after April 1, 2020, in digital automation adoption (3.0) and software development for 4.0 connectivity of your business processes.

A first effort will probably have 6-10 member companies participating. The idea is to have a successful project and build on that for a continued intake of groups of projects. This will provide benefits across our membership.

Please reply if you would like more information.

Best regards,
Mike Baker, Executive Director
p: 1-226-668-5455
e: [email protected]