Water Based Wood Coating

Written by Stefan De Santis from Performance Abrasives.

Water based Wood Coatings are undoubtedly the future of wood coatings in North America, we are already seeing some cabinet and millwork shop’s being forced to switch to water based from solvents due to emissions and new regulations. Companies are required to provide total VOC emissions every year in the GTA and limitations on solvent use are being enforced with severe penalties for those who are not compliant. New stringent policies are being established which make water based coatings much more of a requirement.

The key to converting to water based wood coatings is quite simple, its finding a product that is practical to use in your environment and is equal to or better than your existing solvent based products. The key required properties to look for are drying times, sand ability, stack ability, over all look and feel, chemical resistance, mar resistance, hardness, hot and cold checks, non-yellowing in the heat and dark or exposure to UV rays.

Water based Wood Coatings are already superior to solvents for many of the criteria above and easier to use. In our next discussion we in depth performance criteria when comparing multiple brands of water based and vs the solvent you are using now.

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