(Above) Andrew Wall is leading the online four-part digital prospecting sales training series.
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BWA Newsletter – Economist Forecast & Leadership Skills

BWA takes a high-level look at economic activity and launches a 12-part Leadership Series and continues with Online Sales Training!

Forecasting economic activity is part science and an art form. It aids in strategic planning in business operations, finances, and development. Stepping outside the sphere of such a tumultuous economy can help us see the bigger picture. On May 27th, the BWA brought in EDC’s Deputy Chief Economist, Stephen Tapp, to present on the Global Economic Outlook.Click here to access the event recording WATCH THE EVENT AGAIN BY CLICKING ABOVE!

Using many economic data sets including our current state of global trade Tapp presented various scenarios of outcomes Canadian wood manufacturers can anticipate, including GDP recovery scenarios, manufacturing trends leading up to COVID, historical economic shocks, and the positives and negatives that come from those shocks.

“my estimates are 3 million Canadians are forced to work from home…[with our real-time data] it’s not obvious to me we have hit rock bottom yet” – Stephen Tapp, Deputy Chief Economist, EDC

Tapp also provided a data analysis as to whether we have hit the bottom of the economy and discussed opportunities arising from our changing economy.

Stephen Tapp, EDC Deputy Chief Economist, speaking about the pandemic's economic impact on the wood industry.

(Above) Stephen Tapp, EDC Deputy Chief Economist, speaking about the pandemic’s economic impact on the wood industry.

Barry Reid of LMI returned to discuss leadership through challenge and crisis and addressed how we can manage priorities and time most effectively. Have you ever struggled with finding enough time in the day? Or wonder, where did the time go? Reid presented a tool to uncover those pernicious events that rob leaders and managers of their valuable time. Reid examined vital elements that are synonymous with success and how each contributes to the realization of success.

Did you know? The BWA is launching a 12-part Leadership Series starting June 24th!  
Do you have managers on your team who have yet to achieve their full leadership potential? Click here to learn more about this training event! This training qualifies for COJG funding.

(Above) Barry Reid of LMI speaking on how great leaders effectively manage and master time and results.

(Above) Barry Reid of LMI speaking on how great leaders effectively manage and master time and results.

“Before you can lead and manage others, you must learn to lead and manage yourself.” – Barry Reid, LMI. 

Further ongoing activities, the BWA is continuing to host our four-part series for digital sales and prospecting. Two sessions have concluded with real-world and practical approaches to connecting and prospecting in the new post-COVID digital era.

(Above) Andrew Wall is leading the online four-part digital prospecting sales training series.

(Above) Andrew Wall is leading the online four-part digital prospecting sales training series.

Did you know!
This four-part series provides valuable knowledge on digital prospecting and a platform to practice and test out the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques and build a successful sales process.

If you are now finding out about this event or would like to upskill your sales teams or your skills – contact the BWA for more information on how we can deliver this course again for you.

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There is strength in numbers.


ExportON!: Opportunities in Latin America

The Ontario government remains committed to creating opportunities for the business community to help them remain strong and get back up and running during these unprecedented times. As a part of this commitment, the Government of Ontario is offering a series of free webinars to help reboot your export business.

Webinar Schedule/Topics:
1. Resources Available to Ontario SMEs Interested in the Latin American Market
– June 4, 2020
2. Industrial Recovery – Opportunities in Mexico’s Advanced Manufacturing Sectors – June 11, 2020

To register and learn more please click here.

Andrew Wall of Sandler Training presenting
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Digital Prospecting: An essential practice in an online world – but which method to employ?

It is perhaps safe to say how we interact online in business is now the new normal for the foreseeable future. Online meetings, collaborations, planning, and prospecting – all saw a dramatic shift from the fallout of COVID-19 and a changing economy.

On May 14th, the Bluewater Wood Alliance brought forth an online event featuring Retooling Sales in a post-COVID-19 World. The event stemmed from strong feedback from the recent polling of wood manufacturers and suppliers.

The event featured a highly interactive and collaborative discussion with Andrew Wall, President of Sandler Training Milton, on maximizing effective digital prospecting. Utilizing digital breakout sessions, the event explored various tools salespeople can benefit from in their customer interactions online. How has your company shifted gears to adapt? What changes have you made to connect with your prospects digitally?

The online event also included a brief segment on what companies can do to manage risk, whether you are open for business or are on a temporary shut down.

Alex Bilik of Cowan Insurance presents.

Alex Bilik of Cowan Insurance & Connie Rowley of WOODsure presented on several easy to implement tips to save on insurance as well as highlight cautious measures companies should think about during the shutdown. The presentation included examples of historical black swan and grey swan events that showed business insurance challenges that may arise in these times.Connie Rowley of WOODsure present.

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BWA Newsletter – Staying aligned with updates!

By popular demand, April 29th saw the Bluewater Wood Alliance bring back a recap and status update on the Emergency Response Act (ERA) as well a document to help companies assert that they are an essential business* with common language wood companies can use creating consistency across our wood sector.

The BWA, also through strong feedback from our previous event, brought forth a discussion on various funding programs available at the Provincial level and the Federal level.

Edward Snetsinger of Sherrard Kuzz LLP returned to discuss, and disseminate the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit (CERB), an understanding of ESA job-protected leaves, and concluded with time for Q&A.

(Above) Edward Snetsinger of Sherrard Kuzz LLP presenting on Employment Law and Emergency Act Subsidies and Benefits

Snetsinger shared with the group information on how CERB has been amended to replace EI benefits for a revised period, how businesses are eligible for CEWS, pre-crisis remuneration, and the qualifying conditions. As well as an understanding of how to calculate revenue reduction to qualify and what employees are eligible for subsidies and CERB.

In the true spirit of a cluster organization, Snetsinger, in partnership with the BWA, created an industry-first standard language certificate of essential business* – brought forth by the request of a BWA manufacturing member.

Following Snetsinger’s discussion, the online event continued with guest speaker Stephen Smith of the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade (MEDJCT).

The programs and funding discussed by Smith enabled everyone attending the event to go into the details of how businesses can qualify and what criteria they should be focusing on strategically for optimal success with their applications for funding programs.

(Above) Stephen Smith, Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade (MEDJCT) presenting on funding programs

Programs ranged from incentivized innovation to assist in generating more sales in export markets.

Additionally, funding for training has been extended through the Canada Ontario Jobs Grant (COJG), and with that, it brings many opportunities to build up and educate a company’s workforce.

(Above) Mike Baker of the Bluewater Wood Alliance presenting on Industry 4.0 & BWA’s Buying Group

The online event concluded with BWA’s Executive Director, Mike Baker, presenting on how our wood industry is in a phase of continuing transformation with Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is described as a market shift of how manufacturers are progressing towards the interconnectivity of technology and data links. This shift is rapidly advancing the speed, efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of manufacturers’ products and services.

Following Industry 4.0, Baker provided an update and insight into the next phase of development for the BWA’s Buying Group. The group is in the early stages of developing its committee and analysis of the data already collected from the various wood industry purchasing categories from wood manufacturers all across Southwestern Ontario.

For those interested in participating and tapping into the buying power of the group, contact the Bluewater Wood Alliance to find out more.

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Mike Baker 
Executive Director, Bluewater Wood Alliance 

Cell: 226.668.5455
e: [email protected] 

It remains unclear if we are approaching the zenith of this health crisis or in this for a long battle. Working together to survive this challenge is something we can all benefit from.  Let’s keep our wood industry strong together, facing each challenge as one.

There is strength in numbers. 

*Essential Business downloadable pdf letters are being provided for our members who have deemed themselves to be exempt from the mandatory closure of non-essential businesses and therefore permitted to continue to operate. The BWA makes no representations regarding any member’s ability to do so and encourages each member to seek independent legal advice.


Briefing Note #6 (updated to May 8, 2020) COVID-19 – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

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Please Note Information changes daily (sometimes within a day), including the details of the various government initiatives, announcements, and regulations. As such, it is important to carefully review each updated Briefing Note to ensure you are aware of current information. Some content in older briefing notes may no longer apply.

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Briefing Note from Sherrard Kuzz LLP – May 6th, 2020

Dear Clients and Friends,

On May 6, 2020, the Ontario government announced the emergency orders made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, including the closure of non-essential workplaces, have been extended to May 19, 2020. In addition, the government has eased restrictions on select retail operations and expanded the list of essential construction projects. Click link to download the Briefing Note addresses these changes.

If you have additional questions and/or for assistance, please contact your Sherrard Kuzz LLP lawyer or, if you are not yet a Sherrard Kuzz LLP client, you can reach us at [email protected] with the reline: COVID-19. We’ll respond promptly.

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Health and Safety Association Guidance Documents for Workplaces During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Health and Safety Association Guidance Documents for Workplaces During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Published Online: April 30, 2020 1:00 P.M.Office of the Premier

The Ontario government works closely with four provincial health and safety associations (HSAs) to help set, communicate and enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

In partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, the HSAs have released a series of more than 60 technical sector guidance documents to further support employers and employees in remaining safe in the workplace during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) comprises the former Construction Safety Association of Ontario, Electrical & Utilities Safety Association of Ontario, and Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario. It serves the construction, electrical and utilities, aggregates, natural gas, ready-mix concrete and transportation sectors.

IHSA guidance documents can be found here.

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BWA Online Roundtable COVID-19 Events Recap!

April 15thwood manufacturing businesses, suppliers, community partners all came together for a large online roundtable discussion to talk about the C.E.R.B, wage subsidy, legislation, essential businessesand what framework companies can operate in. 

As a follow up to the April 15th event that carried with it over 100 participants – the BWA returned the following week on April 22nd to recap C.E.R.B, wage subsidy, and included a discussion on the increased stress in the workplace and tools that can empower great leadership to meet those challenges. 

Throughout these online discussions and talks, the BWA has created the digital space for everyone in our industry to come together to speak, shareand listen in real-time with industry experts. 

(Above) Various attendees on BWA’s online roundtable discussion 

Sundeep Gokhale and Edward Snetsinger of Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers were able to provide a great deal of information and insight to the Ontario legislation, the rules, interpretations of the legislation, and how businesses can unpack all that information to help equip them with important answers. 

Some common questions revolved around the C.E.R.B., wage subsidyand communicating with employees and the various situations employers are experiencing regarding compensation and earnings. 

Guest speakers Sundeep Gokhale and Edward Snetsinger of Sherrard Kuzz LLP Employment & Labour Lawyers contacts can be found at the end of the article. 

 (Above) Lucian Mihet – Senior Account Manager, SWO  EDC, discussing the latest news on Financial Relief 

Following the legal and essential business discussion, there was an opportunity to hear from Lucci Mihet of Export Development Canada (EDC) on new developments with financial relief resources available to businesses. EDC, now having been granted domestic powers, can service businesses that are not exporting companies of products/services. 

Carrying forward on April 22nd’s online discussion, Barry Reid of Leadership Management International (LMI) spoke with everyone about how the best leaders around the world and through time, share a certain mix of attributes that have stood the test of time. In light of the health crisis, it is easy to understand that many individuals are under an elevated level of stress and that stress can affect work performance and family life.  Barry brings many years of leadership training, resources, techniques, and forward-thinking perspectives to empower individuals and companies to greater success. 

The BWA also recently rolled out a
new online discussion platform to enable a central location where questions, answers, resources, and more can be found. It is much more functional than software like WhatsApp groups and not at all like Facebook and helps manufacturers and suppliers streamline their communications across Ontario’s wood manufacturing sector. 

(Above) Screen capture of newly launched online discussion platform for the BWA 

The Bluewater will be continuing to gather feedback from the wood manufacturing community and welcomes suggestions on what businesses want to hear about and what they want answers to. 

Contacts for recent guest speakers: 

Sundeep Gokhale 
Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Employment & Labour Lawyers
Direct 416.603.6246 
Cell 416.347.9459

Main 416.603.0700
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[email protected] 

Edward W. Snetsinger 
Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Employment & Labour Lawyers
Direct: 416.603.6245
Cell: 416.452.1864
24 Hour: 416.420.0738

[email protected] 

Barry Reid 
Leadership Management International (LMI)
[email protected] 

 The lines of communication have never been easier to access and tap into. The challenges ahead are uncertain, but it is something that can be addressed together. No longer is it a requirement to do this alone 

Join us for our next event; details can be found at www.bluewaterwoodalliance.com

There is strength in numbers.


COVID-19: Feds announce 75 per cent rent reduction for small businesses impacted by virus

COVID-19: Feds announce a 75 percent rent reduction for small businesses impacted by the virus.
Published April 24th, 2020
National Post

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced significant rent relief for businesses that can’t afford to pay their landlords at a time when their operations are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The federal help, expected to lower rent by 75 percent for affected small businesses, will be provided in partnership with the provinces and territories, which have jurisdiction over rents.

The Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance for small businesses will provide forgivable loans to qualifying commercial property owners to cover 50 percent of three monthly rent payments payable by eligible small business tenants experiencing financial hardship during April, May, and June.

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Emergency Wage Subsidy – Updates & Helpful Information

The government updated the CEWS website today, adding new helpful information.

To visit click here: