Are you getting tired of leaving your hard-earned capital with your current insurance company? 

  • Lower fees than you pay with traditional insurance providers.
  • Return of premium when claims are less than premiums paid
  • No risk of deficits any year where claims are higher than premiums paid
  • Keep your existing plan design
  • Automatically add the following benefits: EFAP from Shepell, a pharmacogenetic test for your staff from Personalized Prescribing Inc, and complimentary access to in-house HR consultation

To learn more contact:

Tara Davey,
Program Administrator

e: [email protected]

A good benefit program can help your business be more competitive, retain employees, boost job satisfaction, and maintain productivity.

Inquire today, and you could save 10% – 20%.

  • We have you covered.

    Included in the BWA Benefit Program:

    • Health and dental
    • Short-term disability
    • Long-term disability
    • Vision
    • Paramedical
    • Travel
    • Employee Assistant Program
  • You get back what you don’t spend.

    If you pay more in premiums than you use in claims, the difference is returned on:

    • Life insurance
    • Short-term disability
    • Long-term disability
    • RST tax recovery
    • Health premiums
    • Dental premiums
    • Drug rebates (optional)
  • Best-in-class service is what you deserve

    Members are treated with respect every step of the way with:

    • Access to a drug advocate
    • Short-term disability adjudication
    • Paramedical fraud solutions
    • HR support to help navigate difficult situations
    • 1-on-1 Benefit support experts
    • Assistance to override insurer decisions
    • 100% transparency on fees