Is your business too hot!?

written by: Alex Bilik B.Sc., FCIP, CRM
Commercial Business Development Manager, Cowan

Most of us know that dust and flammable vapours need to be aggressively controlled.  But there could be a silent unseen exposure at your facility.  With regards to the electrical system and related equipment, we all know of the following risk management protocols to prevent such electrical fires:

  • Don’t leave temporary equipment plugged in when it’s not in use.
  • Don’t overload electrical equipment or circuits.
  • Avoid using extension cords, and never consider them permanent solutions.
  • Use antistatic equipment where required by NFPA or manufacturers’ guidelines for handling.
  • Follow a regular housekeeping plan to remove combustible dust and other hazardous materials from areas that contain equipment and machinery.
  • Implement a reporting system so that anyone who observes an electrical fire risk can report it without consequences.

Image result for thermal image of faulty machinery electrical system Image result for thermal image of faulty machinery electrical system

But do you inspect your electrical systems for “hotspots” that could potentially lead to disaster? At Cowan we can provide a thermo-imaging inspection of your facility at no cost to you!