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Lean Leadership Rises to the Occasion

If you could change one thing in your factory, what would it be?
What is a key struggle you deal with in your business?
Electricity and expensive machines can only do so much for a company. It takes great ideas, great company culture, and a road map to guide you to your destination.

Great ideas to create a lean culture in your manufacturing operations are easy to come by, but the absence of buy-in can be a struggle to move things forward. On January 29th, 2020, the Bluewater Wood Alliance delivered a dynamic and engaging training event on Lean Leadership at EDC Export Growth Hub in Kitchener, Canada’s only business hub!

The event looked at four key areas that have a direct impact on your Lean work culture and drilled down into each area with detailed examples and video analysis the attendees could evaluate.

“The information was extremely good!”
BWA manufacturing attendee commenting after the event. 

Think bigger… 

BWA’s Lean trainers Brad Cairns and Sepp Gmeiner also showed how a lean company can align itself to manufacture for export markets by analyzing the competitive cost & time-saving advantages lean manufacturing has.

(Above) BWA Lean trainers Brad Cairns & Sepp Gmeiner teaching Lean Leadership 

(Above) BWA Lean trainers Brad Cairns & Sepp Gmeiner teaching Lean Leadership.

Are your production meetings having
the impact you wanted?

The Lean Leadership event also continued to discuss the dynamics of effective morning meetings and how to build teams that are more open to sharing and contributing.

With the many examples and discussions had at the training event, it was still important to review what makes up the building blocks of a lean environment. Attendees were able to come away with a refreshed look at the various wastes that are hidden in the factories as well as conclude the day’s event with an interactive knowledge testing game for everyone to compete in.

Top performing companies understand people are at the heart of a well-run business. When a company can marry the principles of Lean Manufacturing and having its workforce to champion the sound and time-tested principles of lean you have a recipe for success.

Watch for our next event to be posted on the BWA’s website.

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