Art for Everyday

420 Canarctic Drive


ON M3J 2V3



Art For Everyday is an architectural wood carving company that creates high quality, timeless woodcarvings, providing innovative design details to designers, architects and cabinetry companies. Driven by a commitment to originality, we offer our clients a selection of 1,200 ready-to-ship products as well as our unique ability to bring design visions to life with custom carving and applications. For us your input is key many of our creations. Our products encourage creative freedom by allowing our clients to compose their own custom combination’s using the finest materials and uppermost standards of craftsmanship. Our staff is passionate about the blend of art and architecture that encompasses all our products. This, we demonstrate through our dedication to quality, our continuous innovation and our desire to facilitate our clients to evolve their own designs into truly special arrangements.   Products: Choose from our unique selection of over 1200 decorative corbels, capitals, mouldings, corner posts, island posts, mantels, appliqués, rosettes, custom woodcarvings, and other decorative architectural components.