Mike Baker, BWA’s Executive Director invited panelist at Africa Forum Toronto Sept 13th!

Dates: September 13-15th, 2019
Location: Ontario Investment and Trade Centre
250 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2L7

To learn more visit http://casevents.org/tafcanada2019/

The Forum, with the theme: Seizing Africa’s Opportunity for Progress will create a platform for both public sector, corporate leaders and academia to exchange ideas about Africa’s growth journey and the importance of innovating for Progress.

As Canada’s only Porterian industry-led cluster for the wood industry, BWA  has been sought to bring our expertise in collaboration and industry clustering to the discussion.

Join us September, 13th, 2019 at 4 PM
Panel 7: The Role of Innovation and the Green Economy
in meeting the continent’s unique challenges

  • Alain L. Fymat Science Director, Society For The Advancement Of Science In Africa (Sasa)
  • Mike Baker, Executive Director, Blue Water Wood Alliance
  • Rumina Dhalla, Professor & CSR/Sustainability Coordinator & MBA Graduate Coordinator, University of Guelph


The Forum is organised by The Commonwealth Africa Initiative, a Pan Commonwealth Organisation based in London, UK in association with partners across the Commonwealth.

African economies have sustained unprecedented rates of growth, driven mainly by strong domestic demand, improved macroeconomic management, a growing middle class, and increased political stability. The continent has made remarkable progress in recent decades on issues from governance to health and is shaping itself into the “African opportunity” message.

Africa is growing, creating both opportunities and risks. Change is intrinsic to the development process; if managed effectively, they can help unlock Africa’s development potential. And as the continent continues to evolve, it is becoming more evident that Africa is an opportunity, one that is being shaped by and for the African people. The Forum will help attendees recognize Africa as an opportunity, rather than a threat, so governments, citizens, and organizations on the continent and around the world will be better positioned to face challenges and further boost positive trends.