Skyrocketing to the Stars

By Andrew Wall, Sandler Training Milton

If I interviewed your key employees and asked them to describe your business strategy for profitable growth what would I hear?  Crickets?  Diverse answers?

Profitably growing your company is a team effort.  Successful companies invest the time and energy to create their One Page Strategic Plan then ensure all employees understand the business strategy.  This plan describes:

  • your long term goal, your 3-5 year goal to double your business, your 1 year goal and your 90 day objectives. 
  • your three to five key actions required to double, to achieve your one year goal and your quarterly goal. 
  • the company’s values and reason for being are clearly stated and emotionally engaging. 
  • the company’s unique strengths to leverage are unanimously understood and utilized. 
  • your key people issues and processes to successfully execute your plan.

With this One Page Strategic Plan in place your company’s daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings revolve around the company achieving it’s quarterly goals with improved communication and coordination.

Companies operating this way provide an exciting environment to work and contribute, where individual and group contributions are regularly celebrated.  When you need to hire new staff your terrific employees are regularly introducing you to their B+/A Player friends.  Visitors to your company are noticeably impressed by the energy and buzz in your company.  Wondering if this is possible?  Well it is.  You the President, Owner or Managing Partner…it’s your job to take the first step along this journey.  You and your staff are worth it!