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BWA Sales Training – How to align sales strategies with customer expectations

September 18, 2019, the BWA hosted its Sales Training Event – An Export Readiness Series in Milton, ON and hosted by the President of Sandler Training Milton, Andrew Wall. 

Small & medium size companies may not always have the time and resources to train their sales staff in house on effective selling techniques and it can be difficult for companies to grow without a solid sales growth strategy. 

That’s why the BWA continues to offer an effective and practical sales training event to assist wood manufacturers, service providers and wood product suppliers.  It provides techniques and honest approaches to sales, that customers can feel good about as well as the salesperson.  

The event addressed where often the struggle of sales occurs in its cycle and reflected on the natural behaviours and tendencies of typical sales interactions.  Andrew shared with the group, an effective systematic process to help the prospect and salesperson discussion continue to move forward. 

Andrew Wall, President of Sandler Training Milton discussing the decision-making process with clients

These sales methodologies are strategic and valuable when considering global markets and prospecting internationally.  Andrew, with international sales training experience also highlighted key components on planning a prospecting strategy including: Where your focus energy should be; how you will enter the market; what is your market focus; and a ‘Cookbook Formula for Success’!

Whether your market is local or 3000 miles away, the techniques and strategies for your sales force- be it a team of 1, 5 or 20 is an essential part of your business.  In today’s competitive market where prices can be accessed almost anywhere by the customer, the relationship with the client is likely to become an increasingly important role.  Are and your sales teams ready for the future of the digital market?

Andrew Wall has built a highly successful career in sales and sales management and now focuses on training and mentoring companies and individuals to be successful.

If you would like more information about this event and the BWA, please contact:

Ryan Tabone
Program Coordinator/Advisor
Bluewater Wood Alliance
e: [email protected]

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Members Get a Shot of Sales Expertise: Tip of the Iceberg

Most of us in the wood industry who run our own businesses also perform a sales role for the company. Most of us have to deal with the distractions of multi-tasking other aspects of the business, whether it be in production, procurement, managing people, and other tasks.

The minute you sit back to actually look at what is involved in the sales and relationship development and management function, and how we as human beings are so diverse, it is no wonder that increased sales remains an ongoing challenge and need for our businesses.

Thirty BWA member companies participated in the BWA Sandler Training Milton – Sales Training Event Jan 30 in Milton in an effort to break the paradigm of not fully engaging the opportunity and potential of making the most of your time devoted to the sales function.
As human beings, we all have our personal styles for communicating and relating to others. The same goes for learning new information when you consider the potential customer that you are speaking to. Understanding where we fall under the DISC communication and decision-making model (Compliant/Dominant, Steady Relator/Influencer) dictates our comfort zones when we engage others, and manage the sales function. There are also shortcomings of each and we need to understand how to “Adjust and Adapt” to the diverse people we meet. This also impacts the modes of communication we choose to use to engage potential customers.

In face-to-face communication, for example, we as humans first perceive body language and tone before actually deciphering the works being spoken. With telephone contact, we first perceive tone before the words spoken. And email and texting is, unfortunately, the worst option as it commoditizes you, poses with the highest risk, and is unfortunately used most often.

The learning styles of both yourself and the potential customer also come into play: Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic. Which one are you? What are your pitfalls and how do you adjust and adapt on the fly?

This is the “tip of the iceberg” for BWA members as we begin our journey to dig deeper into understanding ourselves and others better and using this information to manage sales prospects. The BWA/Sandler sales training program is a DISCIPLINE that when applied actually gets results.

BWA members also have the opportunity to engage in a more intense and focused BWA Sandler Training Milton – Sales Training Event to help engrain the discipline with your company. Funding is available through the Canada/Ontario Jobs Grant.

Due to the overwhelming feedback of this event, we have scheduled another session on Friday, April 6th.

If you would like more information about this event and the BWA, please contact: