“The BWA, in the short time we have been a member, has been a great resource for our company.  The seminars about lean manufacturing are invaluable and have really caused me to reevaluate all our manufacturing processes.
The network meetings offer insight, information and networking opportunities that are incredibly focused and relevant.
And my favourite part is the plant tours – they are fantastic!”

Simon LloydSpringwater Woodcraft

“Joining the BWA 4 years ago has had a big and positive impact on my business.  Through BWA sponsored programs, we have received grants to help us develop our new website, and grow our online sales.  Also, our staff have participated in several BWA workshops, trainings and plant tours which have provided valuable insight to help us grow our business.  Personally, the connections I have made networking with other BWA members has been invaluable in achieving my business goals.

The BWA is a very well run organization and I have no hesitation in saying that any woodworking manufacturer would greatly benefit from joining.”

Bob Nadon Upper Canada Stretchers

“The BWA has been an excellent source for us.  We’ve learned things that we likely wouldn’t have picked up anywhere else, and the networking has been invaluable.  The BWA has created a sense of “community” among Ontario woodworkers, and that’s a good thing for all of us.

Loren BurnsPrecision Woodcraft

“There’s a value with the Bluewater Wood Alliance because we all get to hear from each other’s experience, what works for them.  We all have similar issues in our workplaces whether it’s recruiting employees or buying equipment & software – it’s a great way to network.”

Mike ClaireOwner of Diamond CNC

“We cut our sanding labour in half from knowledge we learned on Plant Tour Focus Groups with the BWA.”

William VanLagenOwner of Carver Cabinetry

“The Bluewater Wood Alliance have advocated for our sector, through numerous initiatives to help our company and help its employees. They have provided training sector related programs and events for my staff. Since joining the group, we have doubled our work force, increased our sales, and are constantly learning a new way to manufacture high end products right here in Southern Ontario.

The events they put on have helped our company learn more about topics like Lean manufacturing, Sales training, Social media advertising, health and safety, exporting, and more.

The Bluewater Wood Alliance is tied to many levels of our industry such as training institutions like Conestoga College, Humber College, Georgian College.

We enjoy being a part of this cluster organization with the BWA because they are helpful with the growth of our company. We Are Happy.”

Chuck Pelletier Milestone Millwork

“Through the BWA I have met and continue to meet like minded wood industry people. It is a great network of people willing to help each other learn and improve our processes and shops.”

Cabinet Solutions

“I’ve been fortunate to have participated in BWA events. It is always great opportunity to meet with other individuals in SW Ontario associated with advanced wood manufacturing. Specifically, the BWA provides a strong network of individuals willing to share their ideas and experiences in support of wood-related manufacturing, sales, and distribution within Canada and beyond its borders….”

Woodlawn Furniture Company

“Great cluster of people /companies, insightful topics and a great chances to observe and learn. To become a better business owner makes it possible /easier by being surrounded by all this talent.”

Jake RedikoppJacob’s Woodworking

“Thanks to the BWA we have been exposed to Training opportunities we would never have come across on our own. It has completely transformed how we operate our business. Join the BWA take the Lean Training and grow your business.”

Bruce County Custom Cabinets

“I recently attended a BWA round table discussion which was very enlightening. BWA consistently provides support for us SME’s in the wood sector in Ontario.”

Century Wood Products Inc.

“The Bluewater Wood Alliance is a somewhat hidden treasure of information. As we get busy at work, we don’t always have the time to research new products and services, updated regulations or laws or network with our peers and suppliers. The BWA meetings help take care of that. Speakers with information pertinent and targeted to the woodworking industry present at the meetings and the plant tours give insight into other companies challenges or successes. There is time during and after the meeting to network and touch base with other members and get a feel how the industry is doing overall in our respective areas. The BWA is relevant and welcome in these somewhat unsettled times.”

Doma Doors Manufacturing Inc.

“BWA has been great to have a variety of programs that enhance our knowledge base. We as business owners never have time to attending any business club. BWA is not a club but truly a collaborative effort to add value to all members relating to wood manufacturing. Even then I don’t meetings that don’t have subjects that interest me but over the years I have never seen a better organization for a resource for information and has allowed me to collaborate with fellow woodworkers in a safe environment. We have gain great friendships with others in the industry that now have become business relationships in working together on projects.”

Homestead Woodworks

“The BWA helps connect woodworking industry businesses together to learn and grow from one another. We have gained valuable information and insight not only from the training sessions and plant tours but also from the new connections we’ve made. We highly recommend connecting to this community of humble and supportive people who’s mission is to help grow the industry as a whole.”

Krug Inc.