BWA members get insiders view on TPS with seminar and plant tour

On November 18th, members of the Bluewater Wood Alliance attended the Cambridge Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) tour, which included a 2-hour seminar on the world-renowned Toyota Production System (TPS).  Attendees started with an in-depth guided tour of both the North and South Plant to see all aspects of production from stamping to final roll off the line.   

“Look at how clean that is,” a BWA member remarked, “you could eat off the floor!” he continued. 

Post-tour, the group gathered to learn about the official TPS with videos and explanations on how Toyota thinks about principles that are the bedrock of their success.  The event was a limited access event, so early registration is recommended for Toyota Tour + Lecture events.   The lecture also included an understanding of how the company measures the heartbeat of production and how they adjust their sails (production flow) to changing market demand. 

If you are a company that is wanting to drive down waste, get better staff engagement, and make production more manageable, then you need to attend our Lean Road Map Training Event on December 11th.  Our Lean Road Map is like the Toyota Production System Lecture training on supercharge!  You do not want to miss this opportunity to attend. 

(Above) November 18th BWA attendees who attended the limited seating plant tour + TPS lecture  

The BWA hosts plant tours throughout the year with an emphasis on Kaizen (Continuous Improvements).  Tour hosts have the benefit of presenting a challenge to the tour attendees and receiving solution-oriented feedback on how to improve processes, systems and address ongoing challenges in a truly collaborative environment.   

Upcoming Events: https://bluewaterwoodalliance.com/events-2/ 

If you are a wood manufacturer and would like to host a plant tour with the BWA, or if you would like to attend a plant tour and are not a member of the BWA, please contact: 

Mike Baker, BWA Executive Director at 226-668-5455 or [email protected] for more information. 

The BWA is Southwestern Ontario’s only industry-led managed cluster of wood manufacturers facilitating the needs and challenges of wood companies.   

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